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Bringing super-fast broadband to the Black Isle and beyond

Black Isle broadband

About the project

The first installation in December 2016

The first Monsternet home installation

Black Isle Broadband – The Background of the Project

The rural topography and distances that are found in and around the Black Isle have meant that even with the advent of BT Fibre (to the cabinet) services, many, many rural homes and businesses have been left with very poor broadband speeds.
Superfast internet is seen as the “5th utility”, and the lack of coverage in more rural areas is having a detrimental impact to many areas of life and the economy of the region. Fixed radio wireless technology, based on line-of-sight delivery, is an obvious way to deliver broadband to rural Highland areas. The Highlands are spoilt in having many “high areas” which many properties have line-of-sight to. To deliver this technology required a project that could provide commercial class connections to rural and remote locations.

So Monsternet Highland was born.

Fiber back-haul connection were made linking to key mast site installations around the Black Isle,  capable of delivering up to 1Gbps upload AND download capacity with less that 30ms latency to properties within the coverage areas.

Monsternet, teclan and Scotnet – a perfect partnership

Monsternet, a partnership between teclan and Scotnet (Scotland’s largest wireless internet provider), was formed, to ensure the commercial viability and service quality to all customers.

Expansion and beyond

There are many plans in place to expand this network to communities and properties beyond the initial coverage area.


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